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Web Design Trends of 2016 (Infographic)

To kick things off, we’re going to go over some great content from The Deep End Design, who created an awesome infographic. Check it out, then we’ll add our thoughts below. The video is first, followed by the infographic.


So how is that checklist? Are your call to actions sticky, traveling down the page with your customers? Or do they sit idle and get buried?


How about your color scheme? Do your buttons “pop” out and demand clicks or slink back into the background to be forgotten forever?


Other web design companies leave you high and dry when it comes to conversions, but at Nautical Web Design, we’re big believers in optimizing everything on your page so the conversions simply flood in.

Welcome to Our New Blog

Hey there.


We are excited to share the best new web design ideas and projects which help your business reach more customers than ever. On our blog, we’ll be posting tips and tricks from experts in the business which you can implement today (or ask us to!). Gone are the days of storefronts and signage. Web design is the new interior design for your brand. Web design forms the foundation of every user’s experience and interaction with your company, which means you must be sleek, modern, and tailored to the user. The more dynamic and impressive your website feels, the more trust you build with your customer.


Whereas in the brick-and-mortar days of business, advertising (yellow pages, signage, etc), interior design, customer service, and sales all relied on people and objects in the real world, these days everything takes place in one place – your website. That’s why it’s more important than ever to stay on top of new trends in the industry.


Did you know that portability increases rankings? That means that if your website doesn’t look great on mobile, Google will send traffic to someone else instead of your site.


Are your images optimized? Bulky images slow down load time, which also hurts your traffic.


How optimized is your conversion rate? Are you catching customers as they leave your site? After they have already left? New plugins make opt-in forms and email collection easier than ever. Make your call-to-action buttons readily apparent and sticky.


Hope you enjoyed this short post, and stay tuned right here for many more updates on web design trends in 2016 and beyond!

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